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2017 Senior Information

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Enter this number - 81010

Text this message - @dhsseniors

Senior Photographs

July 27th-28th, 2016 

August 1st from 1 to 3pm

August 2nd, 2016

In the auditorium

Time-The time and photos will be scheduled during the summer. You can call Judy to take your senior photos at her office as well. If you have any questions you can call her at 334-798-0505. Please remember that taking your drape/tux photo is free and required so that your picture can be placed in the yearbook. If you want to take more pictures in different poses and purchase different picture packets then that will be an additional price that you will have to discuss with Judy.

Rolling the Tree

August 3rd, 2016

In front of the school after Open House

Time - 7pm

SGA/Senior Class Officer Elections

Sign Up: August 4-12th, 2016

Ms. Moulton's Room A108

Campaign August 15-19th, 2016/Voting August 19th, 2016 (No FOOD or prizes allowed to be given away. Students can only put up their posters the size of a piece of computer paper in the hallway leading to the cafeteria.) 

Senior Panoramic

August 24th, 2016

Davis Gym

Time-8 a.m.

Senior Make-Up Pictures

September 14, 2016


Time - ?


October 13th, 2016 - Homecoming Parade & Homecoming Dance

October 14th, 2016 - Homecoming Football Game & Senior Night

Herff Jones Meeting



Time - ?

The only thing you have to purchase from Herff Jones is your cap and gown. This has to be purchased in order for you to walk at graduation. The earlier you purchase the cap and gown the cheaper it will be.


Friday, March 24th, 2017
Davis Gym 
Time – 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Prom Tickets & Extras

All prom tickets, prom t-shirts, senior breakfast ticket, and senior t-shirts will be sold separately. The price of prom tickets will go up quarterly. The list of those senior items are as follows:

-Prom tickets: from May 2-13th, 2016 and again August 4th-September 2nd, 2016 tickets will be 50 dollars apiece and will come with one prom ticket and one senior breakfast ticket, the rest of the 1st 9 weeks after September 2nd the price of prom tickets will be 55 dollars apiece which will include just the prom ticket (All remaining 9 weeks will be just the prom ticket no other package deals will be made throughout the year.), 2nd 9 weeks tickets will be on sale for 60 dollars apiece, 3rd 9 weeks tickets will be on sale for 65 dollars apiece, and 4th 9 weeks tickets will be on sale for 70 dollars apiece. (Tickets will be sold during specific weeks in those 9 weeks. Make sure to listen for them on the announcements and on Remind.)

Prom tickets will not be sold the day of prom or at the door the night of prom.

-Prom t-shirts will be $15 dollars a piece

-Senior t-shirts will be $15 dollars a piece

-Senior breakfast will be $10 dollars apiece (These tickets are only for seniors no underclassmen allowed!)

-Senior DVDs will be $25 dollars apiece

Prom tickets, breakfast tickets, prom t-shirts, senior t-shirts, and Senior DVDs are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Seniors may only bring one date and they must have filled out the appropriate paperwork to bring their date with them.

The cost to view lead out will be $5.00 per person (this includes small children and babies). Spectators will pay at the door and must leave immediately after lead out. Spectators are not allowed on the floor.

To purchase individual prom tickets, breakfast tickets, or t-shirts, see Ms. Moulton in the main building (room A108) before school, at break, or after school.

Checks will not be accepted after March 1, 2017. All payments must be made in cash after this date. If you are paying by check please make sure that all checks have a street address, 2 telephone numbers, and a driver’s license number on them.

Prom tickets, breakfast tickets and t-shirts may be picked up during all four lunches in Ms. Moulton’s room A108 or the chemistry lab on designated dates.


Prom pictures will begin at 5:00 p.m. and will be taken throughout the evening. 
The minimum cost is $25.00. The cost could be more depending on the package purchased.

Prom Date Form

This form is required even if the senior brings another DHS student. The form must be turned in by March 9th, 2017 to Ms. Moulton. All guests who are not Dothan High students must provide identification if requested. All dates must be on the guest list in order to enter prom.

Prom Dress Code

The Dothan High dress code for dances and formals will be enforced. The dress code can be reviewed on the school website. Ms. Hall will be the point of contact for all questions concerning dress code.

Lead Out

Time – 8:00 p.m.
Lead out participants must be in line no later than 7:50 p.m. The criteria for lead out are as follows:

· SGA Officers

· Senior Class Officers

· Miss DHS(1)

· Senior Beauty(2)

· Homecoming Queen(1)

· Homecoming Attendant(2)

· Maid of Honor (1)

· Homecoming King (1)

· Club Presidents (1 per club)

· Varsity Academic Team Captain (1)

· Yearbook Editor (1)

· ROTC Battalion Commander (1)

· Drum Major (1)

· Flag Corp Captain (1)

· Choral President (1)

· Football Captain (4)

· Cheerleader Captain (1)

· Volleyball Captain (1)

· Softball Captain(1)

· Track Captain(1)

· Tennis Team Captain(1)

· Basketball Captain(1)

· Baseball Captain(1)

· Soccer Captain(1)

· Golf Team Captain(1)

· Band Section Leaders (4)

· Prom Committee (These students were chosen during the 2015-2016 school year)

*( ) denotes the number of students per activity, club, or organization

All lead out participants must have a total of 10 prom hours to participate in lead out. Prom committee members must have a total of 30 prom hours to participate in lead out.

Prom Hours

Prom hours will be awarded in increments of two hour sessions. Students must sign up for 2 hour increments. If a student leaves during this two our period, they will not receive credit.

Lead Out Practice

Wednesday March 23, 2017
3:30 p.m.
Davis Gym 

Senior Breakfast

The Senior Breakfast this year will be held off campus at Golden Corral. All Seniors who purchase a Senior Breakfast ticket for $10.00 will meet at Golden Corral at 8 am to have breakfast together. Seniors will be able to use this time to discuss other Senior issues such as graduation if there are any questions. Purchasing this ticket will count as your excused absence for the day.

T-Shirt sales: Designs for Senior shirts are due by the end of August and Prom shirt designs are due by the beginning of November.

Senior shirts will be sold throughout the first few weeks of October. Students can pick up t-shirts in Ms. Moulton’s room A108 or in the chemistry lab. (Listen to announcements to know the exact pick up time and place.)

Students may purchase prom t-shirts through the first few weeks of January. At the beginning of February all t-shirt orders will be turned in so that the shirts will be ready to pass out in March. The cost is $15.00. T-shirts will be sold outside the cafeteria during all four lunches.

Senior DVD

This DVD will include pictures from school events submitted by the seniors along with video footage of the graduation ceremony. The DVDs will be available for pick-up at the end of May. If you are a parent or a senior and you would like to submit pictures from different school events such as: rolling the tree, football games, softball games, Homecoming, Grad Trip, and prom then please email those pictures to All pictures submitted to the website should be appropriate. Any picture that shows inappropriate details will be reported.

Senior Trip

April 6-9th, 2017

Leaving from Davis Gym on Wednesday at 11 pm for Disney/Universal Studios and returning Sunday at 8 am.

Cost = $575

A $100 deposit is due in September is you plan on attending the trip. This 100 dollars is nonrefundable!

The rest of the $475 can be paid off in installment plans by the end of February or in one lump sum. If you have any questions about the installment plan please see Mr. Payne.

All students attending the senior trip must have enough credits at the start of their senior year to be considered a senior.

At the start of teh second semester, any student failing a required class will not be able to attend the senior trip.

All money paid will be returned minus the deposit for the trip.

*An itinerary is included with the packet listing the parks and restaurants we will be attending.*

Graduation Information:

Baccalaureate at Ridgecrest Baptist Church is May 7th at 3 pm. Please be present at 2:30 pm so we can get you in line. You must wear your cap and gown!

Graduation Meeting May 16th at 10:00 am in the DHS Auditorium.

Graduation Practice May 16th @ 4:00pm at Rip Hewes Stadium. 

DHS Graduation May 20th @ 10:00am at Rip Hewes Stadium. Make sure that you are dressed in proper graduation attire or you will not be allowed to walk.

***Mr. Blissett will be coming to your history classes toward the end of the school year to discuss upcoming senior events and the graduation contract. This contract must be signed and your senior debt paid off before you will be given your graduation tickets. ***Please remember that your senior debt needs to be paid for (AP test fees, lab fees, book fees, etc.) before you will be able to participate in graduation.***

Look for all updated information on the Senior webpage on the Dothan High School website along with reminders through Remind.