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Dual Enrollment

Wallace College is transitioning their dual enrollment application process to an online process.

What does this mean?  It means that students will process in a much more efficient manner.  Additionally, it means fewer hands will handle the overall approval process.  It also means that the students, counselors, career coach (if applicable), dual enrollment department, and admissions will receive immediate response when THEIR STEP in the process has been completed or if THEIR STEP needs further action.  The student (initiator) will receive an email every time the process moves from one step to the next as well as they can login and check the holdup.  The Dual Enrollment Department can also check the status at any time.  Therefore, applications will be processed much more quickly.  It also stops the "guessing game" on which students have failed to complete the requirements for admissions, have not fulfilled testing requirements for course placement, etc.    

The first step in applying for the Dual Enrollment program is to complete the Statement of Eligibility form.  This form must be completed by any students who wish to enroll in the program.  Completed forms must be turned in to the student's guidance counselor at Dothan High.  From there, the guidance counselor will meet with the student to discuss their eligibility for the program and direct them in the next steps to complete their enrollment.  

This information is live on the WCC website  and ready for students to use during the registration process.    

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Dual Enrollment office at Wallace College at (334) 556-2423 or