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Lunch Program

Child Nutrition Program

Welcome to the Dothan High School Cafeteria

Students and Parents,

Students, we are looking forward to you having a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience. The DHS Cafeteria is another part of your learning experience to help you grow into young adults. Parents, you are welcome to come and dine-in with your child.

Breakfast and lunch are available daily. Applications can be found on the Dothan City Schools website ( or students can pick one up from us. Please return your application to the Cafeteria Manager immediately. Lunch money is collected on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Checks should be made payable to Dothan CNP. Please write the student’s name on each check. Meals are to be paid for in advance or upon ordering.

Additionally, you can now apply for free and reduced meals online. Click on the link on the DCS homepage, or go directly to the "Apply For Lunch" website here.

Dothan High will offer Breakfast and Lunch at the 2019-20 prices below:

                                                   BREAKFAST:                      LUNCH:

Students:                       $1.85 ($9.25 weekly)           $2.75 ($13.75 weekly)

Visitors:                                         $3.00                                   $3.75

Reduced Meals:            $ .30 ($1.50 weekly)          $ .40 ($2.00 weekly)

*Breakfast is served 7:00 - 7:55 am

Students who bring lunch to school must follow the Federal Food Service Regulations. Students are not allowed to bring any commercially packaged food or drinks into the cafeteria. Food from outside vendors (Pig Out, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, DHS Canteen, etc.) cannot be carried into the cafeteria in the original purchased wrapper or container. We ask that neither cans nor bottles be brought into the cafeteria with sack lunches. Drinks need to be put into a THERMOS.


   - Create a free account and easily make payments online and on‑the‑go.

  - Check cafeteria balances & purchases, Receive low balance alerts, Set up automatic payments, and Pay for school-related items.